xXTaSyXx (eweedtarded) wrote in inthefastlane,

long time no see

its been a while....i stoped all my habbits for a long time
and now im falling right back into the swing of things
i hate myself more so then ever before
i honestly had thought i was becoming happy
and now...i just see myself more then i ever did before
ive changed my hair...changed my dress style to things im more comfortable with
ive gottin pierced..getting my first tattoo this friday
but i cant seem to take my eyes off the fact that my ankels are huge
my tummy is larger then ever
my thighs are fucking enourmous
and ugh
i could go on and on...
tis the season for food...or the devil however you'd like to put it
and my being a little behind anyone have any new ideas on weight loss medications? and or laxatives?
i had been on adderal for a while but i got used to it pretty quickly and there for stoped loosing the weight...
any help would be awesome!
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